Sunday, April 22, 2012

Anastasia Harper, Generation 1, Episode 1

I'm going to attempt to get myself back into playing the Sims, I have missed it dearly and I know without something to keep me coming back to it, I'll forget and wander off. With that in mind, I decided to start a Legacy and keep a little teeny tiny blog about it, and so here we are.

This lovely blonde is our founder, Anastasia Harper. She's kind of a recreation of my favorite Legacy founder in my Sims 2 game, I never did finish that Legacy but I swear I am going to finish this one! She's Athletic, a Green Thumb, a Hopless Romantic, Loves the Outdoors and Nurturing. I haven't played the Sims 3 enough in the years that I have owned the games to actually know how any of those traits are going to play out. That's kind of a sad statement now that I'm thinking of it, since I bought the base game the day it was released!

What's a Legacy without a random elderly neighbor dancing on a table at the local night club your first night in town? Shake it Grandma! I have no idea who that is to be honest with you, it was Anastasia's first night out, and like any good little founder, I sent her out to have a good time and meet someone that she could make babies with. Yeah, we're wasting no time trying to bring in generation 2!

Like all Legacy founders, Ana doesn't have a lot of money, she has a little bit more money than the original Anastasia in the Sims 2 had when she was a legacy founder, but not a lot, there's grass in her house and she's sleeping in a sleeping bag on the walled in yard. I think I'm cheating a little here, the original rules to the challenge mention a specific lot in Sunset Valley to use, but I'm using an edited version of the town and that lot has something else on it, this was as close to the price of that lot that I could find. Ana's got a little more cash than those that like to stick to the rules but she's clearly not living in the lap of luxury.

Ana's lifetime wish is to become a star athlete, when she's not trolling the night clubs trying to find someone to make little Harpers with, she's at the gym.

"I'm not falling, I meant to stretch like that on the moving treadmill"

WTF an ice cream truck... outside the house... in the middle of the night. Creepy? Right?

Despite our creepy ice cream truck stalker, the rediculous amount of hours spent practically living at the gym and working, Ana did manage to find someone who wasn't repelled by her constant urge to gush about her own athletisism. Connor Frio. The first thing we learned about Connor is that he's unflirty, this did not stop Ana from flirting relentlessly with the man, she's lucky that the hopless romantic trait makes other sims more responsive to her advances or this perfect night out under the stars with Connor would not have been so perfect!

I mentioned she practically lives at the gym right?

"I think I'll just stay over night"
It's sort of a matter of convienince to keep her there, she's not well paid, still living in a walled in yard with windows and has no toilet, shower fridge or furniture of any kind. She's quite the grumpy girl when you don't allow her to eat or shower.

Ana wasn't going to waste any time proposing to her man, on thier second date she popped the question. He immediately accepted! She spun up all sorts of wishes to throw parties, but alas, she has no money and cannot afford to celebrate!

Her home overlooks the ocean, and so the two tied the knot privately in Ana's back yard she didn't see the need to change out of her work out clothes.

"Omg I must be dying!"

I assure you, she is not dying, just a little nauseous. Yes, a toilet! We're living in the house now! Connor brought with him enough money to paint, tile and otherwise furnish the small abode, he wasn't too crazy with the idea of living on the lawn.

For an unflirty guy, there's a lot of this going on in the house. (When he moved in and I was checking out his relationships it also turns out he has another love interest, Agnes Crumplebottom! He has yet to spin up any wishes regarding her and therefore I have pretended for Ana's sake that his interest in Miss Crumplebottom is just a mild infatuation) Baby number 1 is on it's way!

"Having a baby is not an excuse for not keeping fit"

Ana constantly spins up wishes to work out, and improve her athletic skill so she STILL spends a lot of time at the gym

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